Send and return parcels through a DHL Locker

Send and return parcels through a DHL Locker

Your parcel, your timing

The DHL Locker near you is the best way to send or pick up your parcel. They're accessible day and night, so no more waiting at home for a delivery.

How does it work?


Download the app

Download our app (Android/iOS) to send your parcels through a DHL Parcel Locker


Choose "send a parcel"

Get close to the Locker, activate the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and select send a parcel. Scan the barcode of your parcel's label


Pick up a Locker box

Choose on the screen the available Locker box, the one that fits your parcel's size. The door will be automatically opened


Confirm the shipment

Leave the parcel inside the locker and close the door. Choose in the app the receipt you want to receive

Questions and answers

Find your nearest DHL Parcel Locker in www.dhlservicepoints.es. Use your zip code.

If you want to send a parcel or you need to return it, you can easily do it from a DHL Locker. Simply open the DHL Lockers App (Android/iOS) and press the "Send" button. Then scan the shipping barcode. You can select from the four compartment sizes, set from small to extra large. Once you have chosen the type of box that best suits your shipment measures, it will open and you can leave the parcel inside. Bear in mind that you will have to activate the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and that the door will open automatically. Please close the compartment after leaving the parcel. If you wish, you can request a receipt. We will pick up your parcel so that it arrives at its destination as soon as possible.

No, it is not necessary to be registered to use a DHL Parcel Locker. You will only have to download our App (Android/iOS) and choose one of our Lockers when modifying the delivery

Bluetooth communication between your phone and the DHL Locker may have been lost. The App will inform you of this. In that case, try to make the collection more than once if necessary. If the error persists, please contact Support 911988248.