Receive your parcel while on the go

Receive your parcel while on the go

Receive your parcel at a DHL Parcel Locker

The DHL Parcel Locker is the best way to pick up your shipments. Available day and night, you won't have to wait at home for the courier to arrive and you have a week to pick up your shipments.

How to pick up a parcel at a DHL Parcel Locker


Download DHL Parcel Locker app

Download our app (Android/iOS) to collect your parcel in one of our Lockers.



When the parcel is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email with an user and a pin.


Pick up the parcel

Get close to the locker, activate the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and enter the user and the pin you received. Please don't get too close, the door will be opened automatically.


Confirm the pick up

Confirm in your app that you have picked up the parcel and close the Locker door.

Questions and answers

To receive your parcel or your online shopping at a DHL Locker, you will have arrange the delivery of your shipment through this link. You will be able to choose this option as soon as you receive an email or SMS with the expected delivery date. Once the shipment is in distribution it cannot be modified.

Before you pick up your parcel you will receive a pick-up ID and a PIN by email or SMS. It will include the DHL Parcel Locker location. You have 7 days to pick it up!

If you create your label through My DHL Parcel, you can leave the parcel in one of our lockers by scanning the barcode with the (Android/iOS) and leaving it in one of the Locker compartments. We will take care of picking it up. To use the DHL Parcel Locker download the DHL App (Android/iOS)
and activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone.

If you have to pick up a parcel at a Locker download the DHL Locker App in the App Store on IOS or Google Play Store for Android. Once in front of the DHL Locker you can open it using the credentials you received by email. Remember that you must have the Bluetooth of your smartphone activated. The door of the locker where your parcel is located will be automatically opened. After logging in, the App (Android/iOS) automatically connects to DHL.

You have 7 calendar days from the delivery date to pick up your parcel at the chosen Locker. Unfortunately, if the parcel is not collected within these 7 calendar days we will return it to the sender.

To connect the Locker to your smartphone, you should connect the Bluetooth and have internet connection. The connection is automatically established. If there is any problem, try activating the Bluetooth connection and the internet connection manually in your smartphone. If the problem persists, contact our support team calling at 911988248.

You will have received two e-mails, SMS or delivery notification that will contain the Collection Identifier and the PIN. Make sure you enter the information correctly, that your smartphone has internet connection and that the Bluetooth is activated.