Other Frequently Asked Questions

Other Frequently Asked Questions

A shipment may be held at customs because more information is needed about it. If this is the reason, the customs authorities will contact you. There may also be some taxes associated with the shipment. Customs clearance processing times depend on the country.

Occasionally, if the driver is in the area and can't find the address, they may contact you to confirm the delivery address. However, this is not standard practice. Nevertheless, if you provided your email address at the time of ordering, you'll receive a notification from DHL of the expected delivery date.

It depends on the type of product you've bought, its value, how the seller has recorded the purchase and the country of origin. If customs imposes a tax or duty on the goods, DHL will pay it on your behalf, but then you'll have to pay it even if you don't accept delivery of the goods. Before making the purchase, check the terms and conditions with the sender.

You can view DHL Parcel Spain's General Terms and Conditions of Carriage by clicking here.

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