Value added services

Value added services

DHL offers a wealth of optional services - from non-standard delivery and billing options to climate neutral shipping.


Service Definition Prices Published Rate 2019
Europlus Domestic

Shipment Insurance

Option to secure shipments through Full Risk Insurance 1% of the  declared value
Maximum Shipping Value 100000,00 €
Minimum bonus per shipment 5,40 €

Customs authorities

Shipping costs
Canarias, Ceuta, Melilla, Gibraltar and Andorra
20,50 €
Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery of your goods 5% of the declared value
Maximum value per shipment 5000,00 €
Destination Spain:
Min: 3,40 €
Max: 150,00 €
Destination Portugal:
Min: 13,00 €
Max: 150,00 €
Return of delivery notes signed by the recipient Return of your own delivery notes signed by the recipient 3,00 €
Third delivery attempt
When for reasons beyond DHL the goods could not be delivered at the arrival of the vehicle to destination, DHL makes up to three attempts to deliver your goods, Reshipment Fee
Non-Standard Shipments
DHL offers  pickup and delivery options outside of normal business hours and on Saturday. 83,50 €
Pick up in another province
When needed,  you can order a pickup for an origin different from your usual location 1,00 €


Service Definition Prices Published Rate 2019
Europlus International
Insurance Voluntary transport comprehensive insurance 1% of the declared value
Min: 10,00 €/shipment
Delivery Signature Delivery service: proof of delivery and delivery notes 5,00 €
Export Declaration DUA Canarias / Andorra / Ceuta / Melilla / Gibraltar 20,50 €
International Export Declaration DUA International 31,00 €
Administration Customs Rates Charge for reversion to origin of customs expenses generated at destination 18,00 €
GoGreen - Emission Neutralization CO2 Emission Compensation Service 0,10 €/Kg (0,02 €/Kg Sun.)
Min: 0,10 €
GoGreen - Estimation Emissions Estimation of CO2 emissions (per annual report) 200,00 €
GoGreen - Carbon Footprint Carbon Footprint Annual Report 300,00 €



Min: 15 x 11 x 3,5 cm

Max. Pallet:
120 cm (long) x 100 cm (width) x 160 cm (high)

International shipments are subject to the regime established in The CMR Convention and the General Business Conditions for DHL Europlus
Max. Weight

Up to 70 kg for non-palletized packages.

Up to 1000 kg for palletized packages or

Up to 1000 kg per shipment.

Any good that does not exceed the ratio of 200 kg per m³ will be considered voluminous merchandise and billed as such