DHL Parcel is committed to providing the best delivery service for its customers

In order to maintain a consistently high level of service, DHL Parcel may, under certain conditions, levy a surcharge for exceptional activities. DHL Parcel regularly evaluates the level of these surcharges to reflect the changing costs associated with offering exceptional activities, and we strive to ensure these surcharges remain fair for our customers.


Surcharges Definition Prices published 2019
Europlus Domestic
Fuel surcharge
Percentage variable that is applied on the total billing of "Freight+Re-expedition" to compensate for fluctuations in diesel prices.   According to applicable monthly %,
see the updated prices  
Handling of hazardous goods
Shipments with one of its sides measuring > 2 m or > 500 kg not palletized or more than 1,000 kg 30% on net price
Applicable to shipments in which one of its packages has a measurement exceeding 3 meters 30% on net price (minimum 75,00 €)
Large surface delivery
Applicable to deliveries to shopping centers that require additional appointment management, long delivery time, etc. 7% on net price (minimum 2,30 €)
Low density
Applicable to shipments delivered to remote areas. See zip codes   20% on net price
(minimum 3,00 €)


Surcharges Definition Prices Published 2019
Europlus International
Fuel surcharge
Changes in fuel prices result in fluctuating fuel costs According to applicable monthly %,
see updated prices  
Remote Area Delivery Delivery in remote areas. Applies to export shipments 0,30 €/kg
Min: 20,00 €/shipping
Remote Area Collection Collected in remote areas. Applies to import shipments 0,30 €/kg
Min: 20,00 €/shipping
Direction Correction Management of incidents by incorrect address 10,00 €