Automates your standard routines

Automates your standard routines

DHL Intraship automates your standard routines for shipment processing, tracking and management. It allows you to manage your shipments with ease. You can also access reports that afford you full visibility and control over the account.

DHL Intraship is easily customized during configuration to meet your specific processes and requirements. Importing data from your systems, managing shippers in different locations and controlling online approval processes can be handled with ease. Customer support for more complex configuration requirements is provided by DHL Parcel, ensuring that your business gets the most out of this advanced shipping solution.

DHL Intraship helps your business in many ways:

  • Simpler, more accurate shipment preparation - allows you to import address and shipment details from your business systems, reducing data-entry errors
  • One single shipping tool and process reduces complexity and training for new hires
  • Better account management and control - your services can be configured and special rates made available for all users
  • Daily shipment manifest transmitted to DHL electronically at pre-defined times that suit your production line or mailroom
  • Improved visibility and control across your business - emails are automatically generated and sent
  • Advanced tracking and reporting features with exception reports so you can take the correct action immediately
  • A DHL account number
  • Each shipper must have a computer with internet access and an email account
  • A laser or label printer
  • To start using DHL Intraship simply contact our Customer Service