DHL makes shipping simple and efficient

DHL makes shipping simple and efficient

What are DHL Integration Solutions? DHL Integration Solutions are integrated online services that provide DHL service availability, shipment and courier pickup bookings and shipment tracking. Using DHL Integration Solutions, customers can incorporate DHL shipping functionality into their websites, customer service applications or order processing systems.

DHL Integrated Solutions FAQ

  • Ideal for shippers and software partners who want to use an in-house application for DHL services such as label printing and tracking
  • An excellent and flexible alternative when other DHL shipping tools do not meet the requirements
  • Specifically geared toward users who have experience with web services and XML messaging
  • Ideal for enhancing the functionality of web pages or web shops
  • Use in-house shipping and warehouse management systems and still be able to provide access to the full range of DHL Parcel shipping services
  • No need to locally maintain DHL business rules
  • Provide DHL capabilities from internal shipping sites, shopping carts and e-commerce websites
  • No DHL hardware or software is required on customer site
  • Use standard XML-based, secured platform to integrate with DHL
  • You control implementation timelines

  • Capability - You can select the services best suited to your needs based on shipment criteria along with booking cut-off, pickup cut-off and transit times
  • Shipment processing - The shipment data is validated as you process the shipments
  • Label generation - Generates DHL-compliant shipment label images
  • Pickup booking - Schedule a DHL courier pickup and/or cancel pickup request
  • Tracking - Obtain shipment details and event visibility including the estimated delivery date of the shipment
  • Returns - Enable your receiver to return international shipments while being in full control of the entire process
  • Paperless trade - submit your shipment related paperwork electronically for customs clearance. (Not all countries support this feature)
  • Shipment preparation - Create a DHL-compliant shipment label in advance which can be used for future shipments