Manage your
shipments online!

Manage your
shipments online!

We are pleased to introduce you to the new Customer Portal!

You will have private access to a digital platform, exclusively designed for DHL Parcel customers, where you will be able to manage your shipments. 

It is very simple! You only need a customer account number and one minute of your time to enjoy all the features of the new Customer Area. 

  • Track & Trace
  • Proof of Delivery: verify and download it
  • Order a pick-up
  • Check your pick-ups history
  • Proactive management of your shipments
  • Customize dashboard views 
  • Download reports

If you are not a customer, but you are interested in our services, you can request information here.


In order to start using the Customer Portal you will have to self-register with your email, entering the assigned DHL customer account. Self-registration allows you to enter the account in two ways:

a) Enter the 8-digit account and the province field will be automatically completed

b) Enter up to 6 digits of the account and choose the province to which it belongs to.

Close the session by clicking on the icon with three horizontal lines that you will find at the top right of the screen, and you will be able to start the self-registration process with another account.

If you are the first registered user, by default, you will be automatically assigned as the administrator profile of that VAT. The VAT acts as a verification code of the account according to the following model



A = initial letter (if any)

00000000 = 8 digits. In case your CIF has less than 8 digits, complete it including zeros.

B = final letter (if any)

Do not include spaces between characters.

From that moment, you can add as many accounts associated with that VAT as you wish. In addition, you can manage the permissions to other users who register themselves. In the event that you want to manage shipments of accounts from another VAT, please contact your DHL account manager to do the activation.

There is already a user associated with that account and, as account administrator, she must approve your registration request. Once she had managed your request, you will be informed by email.  She will receive a weekly email reminder during one month, until she validates your request.

You have made more than ten failed access attempts in a single session. You will receive an email with a token that allows you to unlock the password.

It could be due to several causes:  the email could have been identified as spam, your administrator has not yet approved your request or the email address you entered is not valid, in which case, you should contact your DHL account manager.

The token expires after one hour. This is the reason why the link is no longer working 

Depending on the data volume, the system can take some time to be updated. Please wait 30 minutes and try again

Users can only be deleted by the administrator. If you want to delete or change an administrator user, please contact your business manager.

Only the administrator user can add accounts of the same CIF.

On your first access to the customer area, you will see DHL Parcel’s default view. However, this view is dynamic and this implies that you can move, delete and add fields according to your preferences. There are two ways to do it:

1-Place the cursor on the field, click and drag. Click on one of the arrows to sort (ascending/ descending). Click again to reverse the order. A third click will reset the initial order. To delete a field, click on the red x.

2- Use the wheel icon that indicates Configuration. You will find this icon in Shipment Tracking, Shipment Management and Collection.

Yes, through the export or share buttons, you can obtain a customized report of fields and filters selected from the different modules in the client area: Shipment Tracking / Shipment Management / Collection.

By default, you will see 7 days period but you can consult up to 180 days history.

No, you can track any shipment and pick up associated with the registered user.

Even if the list of shipments only shows 17 characters, however is possible insert up to 35 characters in the reference field.

No. You can only manage incidents of the shipments that have not been delivered yet. These shipments will be easily identifiable by an icon in Shipment Tracking area, and in the specific section of Incidence Management.

No, you can only manage incidents of the shipments delivered in Spain and Portugal. To solve different issues you should contact your DHL Parcel account manager.

If you do not have a fixed pick-up or if you need an additional pick-up, you can always request it. Remember the packages must be properly labeled and that you must provide us with the information.

This service is only available for the product DHL Parcel Europlus (shipments between companies). You can request a return to your usual address (inverse logistics) or a delivery to a third party.

This service is only available for pickups in Portugal.

Yes, pickups can be made for deliveries to a third party with DHL Parcel Europlus International service.

Yes, if the pick-up order is made within the cut-off for that zip code. Otherwise, it will be done on the next business day.

No, DHL Parcel needs at least two hours’ time slot to be able to pick up your parcels.